Trish Boyd



Trish has lived in Halifax all her life.  Her two big passions have always been science and theology (‘God stuff’).

After she left school she trained in dyeing and colour physics and worked in the textile industry for many years. Now, although in a different field of industry, she still works full time as a chemistry analyst.

Being a Reader, along with everything the role involves, is what she enjoys doing in her spare time!  She gained a BA in Theological Studies in 2008 and then two years later began her Reader training.

She was admitted to the Reader Ministry in October 2011 and was licensed to the Minster in April 2013, spending a large part of her time serving the parish of St Mark’s, Siddal.  Trish says – ‘So, when you hear someone say that science and religion don’t mix, tell them to think again!’

You can contact Trish via email at