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Welcome to Halifax Minster

 The Minster is open to visitors daily from 12.00 – 4pm.

 You would be most welcome to attend one of the Minster’s weekday services of Morning Prayer at 9am,  Eucharist at 12.30pm and Evening Prayer at 4pm.
The Sunday Eucharist service is at 10.30am; Choral Evensong is at 4pm (both services sung by the choir in term-time).


The Minster is an historic and important building within the town of Halifax.   We are always looking for volunteers, especially those who would like to join our enthusiastic band of welcomers. You would be assured of a warm welcome.


There are occasions when we look for people with specific skills to carry out particular roles at The Minster.  Check below to see if we are presently recruiting.


At the Minster we are committed to safeguarding. We aim always to achieve a gold standard in order to provide protection for children and vulnerable adults. In addition to a Safeguarding Policy, we have in place a number of other policies relating to good governance.


In order to comply with current legislation, but importantly to work toward a community that values safety, security and wellbeing we have in place a number of policies that each of our helpers must understand and comply with.

Lifelong Learning

The fundamental meaning of the word for disciple used in the Bible is “a learner. Discipleship means a lifelong learning process.

Appeal & Donations

The Minster Church is a large, historic building of great significance. It is costly to maintain and preserve for future generations.  We periodically make appeals for specific works of maintenance and restoration, but always welcome donations. Please consider gift aiding to help in this important work.