Music at the Minster

Singing in the Minster Choir requires a real commitment and, in addition to the regular services, there are a number of special services and concerts throughout the year including the annual choir tour where the choir sing the services at a major cathedral.

We have recently sung at Newcastle, Derby and Coventry Cathedrals and Hexham Abbey. The Minster Choir has children who attend a number of schools throughout the area, all with differing musical outputs, so training a choir to sing music to cathedral standard requires considerable dedication.

Indeed, with the musical education of our choristers, comes a responsibility to ‘share something of the Almighty’. Whatever we may believe, music carries us beyond the limitations of human words towards those things we cannot articulate and can give respite and inspiration in our busy modern lives.

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The experience of a cathedral choristership is unparalleled in the training it offers.  As well as the obvious musical benefits, choristers also master key transferable skills such as discipline, teamwork, commitment, confidence and self-presentation.  All of which will be valued in their time at university and by future employers, and all of which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Sarah MacDonald, Director of Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir