Halifax Minster is a diverse community.  Its members participate in its mission and ministry in a host of different ways.  It is a magnificent building with over 900 years of history, but still today it relies upon its teams of volunteers who play an essential role in its day-to-day life.  Without them, the Minster would simply not function.  New volunteers are guaranteed a warm welcome!

For more information on volunteering, please download our PDF HERE.


“There are occasions when we look for people with specific skills to carry out particular roles at The Minster.

Check here to see if we are presently recruiting.


We, at Halifax Minster, believe that education beyond the classroom is vitally important: schools, let your children experience awe and wonder and learn at the same time by taking part in an inspiring workshop in our magnificent 12th Century church.

The following workshops were all produced before the Covid pandemic and we should be able to run them again in the future.

  • Creation
  • Walking a labyrinth
  • Advent
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • An introduction to a Christian church
  • How Christians pray
  • How we celebrate new life
  • An animal safari
  • The Christian Family

We are always open to creating bespoke packages for schools if you have specific requirements.

Please contact admin@halifaxminster.org.uk or call 01422 355436 for more information


Safeguarding Statement
The Parish of Halifax Minster is committed to the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults.  We follow the House of Bishops guidance and policies and have our own Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) Kathy Kershaw who can be contacted on 07772 851126 or at safeguarding@halifaxminster.org.uk

The Diocese of Leeds safeguarding pages contain vital links and information, including contacts for the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor (DSA) who advise PSO’s.  There are also links to the ‘Safer Church’ guidance for churches and safeguarding polices. This can be found HERE.

If you are concerned that a child or adult has been harmed or may be at risk of harm, please contact the DSA. If you have immediate concerns about the safety of someone, please contact the police and your local authority Children or Adult Services.


General Appeal
The Minster had hoped to imminently launch an appeal for the restoration of our historically important organ, together with enhancing hospitality facilities for visitors to our Music Foundation.

However, the post Covid landscape now presents the Minster with a period of real change and fewer funding routes to achieve these aims. Like many charitable organisations during this time, the fear of coronavirus and its impact on the future of our appeal has further stressed the need to secure the long-term holistic future of the Minster for generations to come, ensuring it can keep going beyond these uncertain times. Equally, it has emphasised the benefit the Minster can provide to the community. By celebrating the heritage, people, music and awe of the Minster, our campaign seeks to reach far beyond liturgical life, supporting the local community spirituality, having a profound impact on the wellbeing of everyone and sharing our experiences in celebration and grief.

The Minster needs not only to restore and enhance but to do so sustainably and indefinitely, covering repairs and ongoing maintenance, the parish share and eventually wages. Our desperately inadequate hospitality facilities must be improved, a memorial to Anne Lister created and provision for the Music Foundation and Minster organs found. With these objectives in mind, as a first step, the Halifax Organ Academy has already forged links with the Royal College of Organists for a joint venture in which the Halifax Minster is shortly to become one of their Northern Hubs.

Minsters do not receive operational funding from the Church so must generate their own funding for such campaigns. This makes a huge difference, as we currently rely on volunteers at every level for the campaign to succeed. In short, our major appeal needs you, as our community, both to benefit and be involved in every way possible. Please take a look in more detail at the Minster’s Major Appeal by clicking HERE.

Organ Appeal
The 1929 Arthur Harrison Organ in Halifax Minster
It gives me immense pleasure to be asked to write in support of the rebuilding of this historic instrument, which I have known and admired for over forty years. It is one of an increasingly few organs of that date by that builder remaining virtually untouched, and is a superb example of that period of organ building, whilst having several treasured registers dating back to the former Snetzler instrument built for the church in the eighteenth century. It has been in service for a staggering 91 years, and careful restoration and renewal work at this time will ensure its service for equally that long, for successive generations to marvel at.

Tonally, it is a magnificent specimen; possessing many lovely solo stops, it boasts fine chorus-work, and a pleno of Cathedral-like grandeur and nobility, not often found in instruments of its date. It is also a most flexible resource for accompaniment of choir and congregation, boasting many small-scale registers. However, the actions are tired, wind leaks abound, with many pipes suffering from metal fatigue; nothing which careful restoration at this stage cannot reverse and which, when completed, will restore the instrument to its former glory.

In any church, the organ is the single most expensive item, and the one with a more significant impact on the worship of that place than any other accessory or furnishing. All those of us involved in Churches and Cathedrals act as caretakers and “stewards, for the time being” of that which has been handed on to us; and it is our mandatory obligation to pass our treasured heritage on to the next generation, in better condition if possible.

I would not hesitate to say that there can be very few organs of this period and quality still extant, and this alone has to make it an important instrument to preserve for future generations. I do commend it to you, and hope that as many of you as can will be as generous as possible.

Professor Dr. Ian Tracey, DL, FRCO, FRSCM, FGSM, FTCL, FLJMU, FRSA,
Organist to the City of Liverpool,
Organist Titulaire Liverpool Cathedral,
Tonal Director of Church Organ World UK.,
Chorusmaster, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society,
Professor, Fellow & Organist, Liverpool John Moores University.



The Church of England has always encouraged people to give 10% of their income away: 5% to the church and 5% to their chosen charities, and we support and encourage this approach.  Please see below as a guide:

Weekly Income£100£200£300
Giving 5%£5£10£15
Giving 10%£10£20£30

Gift Aid your contribution (available to all UK tax-payers) and the Minster can claim 25p from the Government in every pound you give.  All giving is managed by our Parish Giving Officer and is entirely confidential.

The church must, like any other organisation, pay its own way.  As a church we want to be free to use our funds in the best possible way to enable our mission and ministry in Halifax.  This includes caring for our biggest resource, the Minster, itself as a place of worship and prayer, and as a source of income itself, through events and activities for groups and organisations across Halifax and Calderdale.

The Parish Share is the financial contribution that parishes are asked to make to help pay for the work of the Church, including helping to pay for clergy in all parishes and the broader expenses incurred in running the Church in our Diocese.  It is also about our social responsibility in support of poorer parishes in the Diocese.

By Standing Order: This allows the Minster to budget for income and manage its practical affairs. There are ‘gifting cards’ available at the back of the church.

By Our Envelope Scheme or by Cash on the collection plate at any service.

The Minster has been remembered by many generous benefactors in the past.  Why not consider leaving the Minster something in your Will today and set up a legacy?

If you would like further information or to discuss any other aspect of giving please contact our Treasurer, Peter Naylor at treasurer@halifaxminster.org.uk