Anne Lister’s Spiritual Home

The tombstone of Anne Lister of Shibden Hall (1791-1840), a noted local diarist who died while travelling with her partner Ann Walker in Georgia, has been recently rediscovered.

Following the TV series Gentleman Jack, telling the story of Anne Lister who was baptised and is buried in the Minster, we have recently experienced a huge influx of visitors.

Numbers attending events have ranged from fifty to six hundred. In general, numbers recorded coming through the doors in 2019 were over fifty-one thousand.

More information available at the British Pilgrimage Trust CLICK HERE


Duke of Wellington Regimental Home

Halifax has long been associated with the 33rd Regiment of Foot, later to become the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. The Chapel at the south-east corner of the Church was adopted by the Regiment as their Memorial Chapel and dedicated in 1951.

Some colours of the Regiment are laid up in this Chapel. The more notable are those carried in the Waterloo and Crimea campaigns. The blue carpet was specially woven and presented by Messrs.

John Crossley and Sons, the local and well-known carpet manufacturers. The silver ornaments, used on special occasions, were made from Regimental trophies. All the chairs in the Chapel were made by ‘Mousey’ Thompson, and there is a mouse carved on one of the legs of each chair.